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Is it Possible to Start Your Own Brand Grocery Store for Just Rs. 100000?

Are you dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur in the grocery industry but don't know where to start? With just Rs.100,000, you can kickstart your own brand grocery store and pave your way to success. Here's how Avant Garde Industries can help you set up your venture with the right machinery:

1. Granule Filling Machine: Whether it's sugar, lentils, flour, or pet products, our granule filling machines, available in both manual and automatic variants, ensure precise filling for your packaging needs.

2. Liquid Filling Machine: From water bottles to vinegar and other liquids, our manual and automatic liquid filling machines guarantee efficient and accurate filling operations.

3. Paste Filling Machine: Perfect for filling tomato ketchup, ginger garlic paste, and similar products, our manual and automatic paste filling machines ensure consistency and reliability in every batch.

4. Bottle Labelling Machine: Our manual round bottle labelling machine is ideal for small-scale production, ensuring professional and accurate labelling for various products like water bottles, juices, beer, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

5. Bottle Capping Machine: Suitable for various bottle caps including plastic thread, mineral water bottles, PE beverage bottles, and spray bottles, our capping machines ensure secure and efficient sealing.

6. Thermal Inkjet Printer: With powerful functions like batch coding, MRP, QR code, barcode printing, and more, our thermal inkjet printers meet all your printing needs with precision and efficiency.

7. Barcode Scanner: Enhance your inventory management with our barcode scanner, capable of effectively scanning barcodes in any environment, be it bright sunlight or dark surroundings.

8. Vacuum Sealer: Preserve the freshness and quality of your products with our vacuum sealer, ensuring longer shelf life and enhanced product integrity.

How to Get These Equipments?

Simply visit the Avant Garde Industries website to place your order directly.

Our products are also available on various marketplaces for your convenience.

Additionally, we offer live demos for those interested in seeing our machines in action before making a purchase.

Starting your own brand grocery store is now within reach with Avant Garde Industries' range of machinery. With our reliable and efficient equipment, coupled with our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Contact us today at +91 9820885553 to learn more and take the first step towards building your own successful grocery business.


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