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1.When Handheld Inkjet Printer Starting and Printing, Do not Pull Out and Insert the Ink Cartridge. Stop Printing, Please Cover the Protection Cover.Otherwise will cause ink cartridge or nozzle drive plate damaged.
2.As It is a fast drying Ink cartridge,when the printing is suspended, please cover the protective cover in time to prevent the nozzle from being air-dried and blocked.
The following situations will occur in the process of using ink cartridge, which are all normal phenomena:
(1).After the pause to print, it may be a blurry opening.
Solution:continuous printing
(2).Broken lines may appear when printing.
Solution:Gently wipe the spray head up and down with a clean, soft tissue.
3.The Ink cartridge is consumable and cannot be returned or replaced without warranty. It is recommended that the cartridge is used up within half a year after electrification.
Large capacity, One Ink Cartridge provides 4000,0000 characters spraying.
Use for Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer, can print Barcode, QR code and as well as logo printing
Wide applications---Glassware, Beverage Packaging, Woodiness Board, Fast Food Packaging, Cosmetic Industry, Wire&Cable marking, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Building Supplies, etc...
Print EXP date, Mfg, Batch number, or logo, pattern on the objects.
The 12.7mm thermal inkjet cartridge is a compact and efficient ink delivery system for your printer. It has a nozzle with a 12.7mm width, allowing it to produce precise and high-quality prints. The thermal inkjet technology utilizes a heating element to rapidly heat and vaporize the ink, creating small bubbles that propel the ink onto the paper. This process ensures sharp text, vibrant graphics, and accurate color reproduction.

This type of cartridge is commonly used in a variety of applications, including home and office printing, as well as in industrial and commercial settings. It offers excellent print quality and reliability, making it a popular choice for a wide range of printing needs.
When using a 12.7mm thermal inkjet cartridge, it's important to ensure that you choose the right ink type and cartridge model compatible with your printer to achieve the best results. Additionally, proper maintenance and handling are essential to prolong the cartridge's lifespan and maintain consistent print quality.

Avant Garde 12.7mm(Model No-AGHQ809)Blue Solvent Ink Cartridge for TIJ Printer

₹11,499.00 Regular Price
₹7,500.00Sale Price
  • 1. Strong adhesion, difficult to come off.
    2.Clear printing effect and abundant colors.
    3. Tiny particles, no impurities and hardly block up the nozzle.
    4. No need to change the machine setting.
    5. Produce in the dust-free workshop.


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