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Multiple-capacity batteries are available. Wireless keyboard and mouse control.Multiple sets of dynamic data printing. Calculate printing cost in real-time. Handheld online dual use.Built-in new integration hidden encoder.Comfortable  Handle with Ergonomic Design.Snap-on cartridge, more simple and reliable.Multiple sets of different information group printing.1-6 level grayscale adjustable, easy to blacken and print. Switch between Handheld and online,multi-scene application.UV Spray Body with lightweight ABS Material, Sturdy and Resistant.

Print content-Multi-language character/dynamic two-dimensional code/barcode/images/serial number/date/counter/variable dynamic database/RS232 receive real-time data printing.


Cartridge chip-Contactless chip RFID tags, automatic identification, and recording ink of the ink remaining parameters.


Operating System-Embedded Linux operating system.Support language-Multi-language.


The Main Hardware-Cortex-A7 1.2GHz dual-core processor/FPGA algorithm acceleration chipset.Printing Accuracy-Maximum-300dpiX300dpi/Vertical Optional:100dpi,150dpi,300dpi/Horizontal optional:30-2400 dpi precision adjustment.


Printing Material-Cardboard/plastic/metal/plate/pipe/stone/cable/electric components/auto parts/industrial chemical packaging/pharmaceutical food gift boxes.


Print Height- The minimum print is 1mm/maximum print height is 25.4mm.Communication Interface-USB, RS232, External Interface-Photocell, encoder, reverse inverting control.


Power parameters-100-240V AC input/12.6V 3A DC output.Working Environment-Temperature of 0-45degree C/humidity of 30-70%Rh.

Avant Garde 25mm(Model No-G400E)Advanced Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printer

₹90,000.00 Regular Price
₹75,000.00Sale Price
  • 1.Lightweight ABS Body.

    2.Handheld Online dual use.

    3.Calculate Printing cost in real time.

    4.Multiple sets of dynmic date printing.

    5.Wireless keyboard and mouse control.

    6.Multiple capacity batteries are available.

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