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A liquid filling single nozzle machine is a device used for filling liquid products such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics into bottles, containers, or pouches. It is designed to accurately measure and dispense a predetermined amount of liquid into each container.

The machine typically consists of a filling nozzle, a liquid storage tank, a control system, and a conveyor system. The filling nozzle is a single tube that dispenses the liquid into the container. The liquid storage tank holds the liquid product and feeds it to the filling nozzle through a pipe or hose. The control system regulates the flow rate of the liquid and ensures accurate filling, while the conveyor system transports the containers to the filling nozzle and away from the machine.

To use the machine, the operator places the empty container onto the conveyor system, and it is automatically transported to the filling nozzle. The filling nozzle dispenses a precise amount of liquid into the container, and then the container is transported away from the machine for further processing or packaging.

Liquid filling single nozzle machines are known for their accuracy, speed, and versatility. They can fill a wide range of liquid products, from thin liquids to viscous liquids, and can fill up to 40 bottles per minute, depending on the size and complexity of the container and the liquid product. They are commonly used in small to medium-sized production lines or in laboratory settings.

Digital Liquid Filing Machine with Single Nozzle (Model No-AGDLFS03)

₹20,000.00 Regular Price
₹16,500.00Sale Price
  • Item Weight-5kg

    Product Dimension-32x26x17cm

    Item Height-17cm

    Item Width-26cm

    Number of memory sticks-8

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