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*New and updated inkjet engine,with HP original imported ink,suiable for all kinds of materials and industries.
*You can use a computer to control parameters and settings of multiple machines at the same time.
*Simple and nice-looking easy use smooth operation.
*Internal 8G large capacity storage,store more than 100000 message,Edit the file and data on machine any time,without connecting PC.
*After using the machine,please take out the ink cartridge from the machine and put it in the clip of the ink cartridge to avoid damaging the ink cartridge.
*It controls language of many countries,font size can be customized an added freely.

Avant Garde Online TIJ Printer 25mm with Conveyor and Stand.

₹165,000.00 Regular Price
₹69,999.00Sale Price
  • Can be conected to a variety of pipeline intelligent coding to improve production efficiency.The inkjet code is clear and can be erased,the conveyor speed can be adjusted.

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