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  • Environmentally friendly ink, protect the environment and human health, and meet environmentally friendly labeling requirements.
  • High definition, the printed content is clearly visible, the effect is real, and the color is bright.
  • It is resistant to high and low temperature, and can still maintain excellent printing quality in harsh environments.
  • High adhesion, for different materials, all have high stability adhesion.
  • Quick drying, short dry operation time, avoid information stickiness and improve efficiency.
  • Anti-migration, no character transfer or confusion due to pressure or temperature.
  • Friction resistance, multiple contact friction during use, the logo can remain clear and bright.
  • Resistant to chemical corrosion, can withstand chemical solvents such as alcohol, to ensure that the logo is clear and easy to read.

Avant Garde TIJ 25.4mm AGHQ5810 Black Ultra Premium Print Cartridge

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  • Avant Garde TIJ 25mm Black Ultra Premium Print Cartridge hasquick-drying ink, fast drying, good adhesion, high definition, scratch and abrasion resistance, widely used for printing on various permeable and non-permeable materials, such as film, transparent plastic pipe, wood, stone, ceramic tile , Metal, glass, medicine, outer box, packaging bag, woven bag, etc.

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