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The automatic double-sided labeling machine is perfect for labeling cylindrical containers or small conical taper containers in industries such as medicine, food, and more. It offers double-standard automatic positioning labeling, making it highly versatile. This machine boasts robust expansion capabilities, allowing it to be equipped with various printers for on-demand printing. It seamlessly integrates into product lines for efficient real-time labeling, offering both standalone and connected operation options.


  • The system operates using either step or servo motors.
  • It features a clutch design to ensure stable label tension force and facilitate enhanced labeling precision.
  • Equipped with an advanced color man-machine interface control system.
  • Utilizes Germany Siemens PLC control for exceptional reliability.
  • Incorporates high-quality German and Japanese magic eye sensors.
  • The machine boasts a simple, compact structure, ensuring easy operation and maintenance.
  • Optional additions include a ribbon typewriter, heat transfer machine, and automatic bottle opener for added functionality.