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Our ink is mainly used for famous brand of cij printer like domino,hitachi,imaje,linx,citronix and so on. Our inkjet inks can be used for a variety of applications,such as the industry of cables,electronics,pipes,plastics,pharamaceutical,construction ans so on.

Markem Imaje 5157 Compatible Ink Bottle 1000 ml(For all S4,S8,9040).


    High quality-Our products have exceptional stability and good adhesion on various substrates including low surface energy plastics,metals,pipes,tubes,cables and wires etc.

    Competitive price-Our goal is to provide our agent with high quality products at competitive prices,In order to keep prices as competitive as possible without compromising product quality,we work very hard.At Avant Garde we are proud of that we can able to provide our customers with the products have great quality and a low price.

    Fast Service-We provide after sales service for free.


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